How do YouTubers Make money?

In my BCM112 lecture, Ted made an interesting point about how YouTubers are earning up to 6 figure salaries, just from creating content surrounding their passions. Ted told us about YouTube gamers who film themselves playing games and post them on YouTube, proving to be quite popular.

To be honest that is of zero interest to me and I was thinking my gosh what the heck am I going to write about in this weeks blog post. I could feel myself checking the time over and over and all I could think about was food until the word beauty guru struck my attention. Not going to lie, I watch beauty videos on YouTube for hours on end procrastinating and then shamelessly going out and buying the tools they use hoping to have that flawless makeup they all seem to have. Although no matter what, my makeup never ever looks like theirs. I have always wondered how much YouTubers were paid and what determined their pay so I have now done my research and have created a Prezi on how exactly it is that YouTubers make their money!

This website also goes into further depth about Youtuber earnings and how they are calculated!



How Many Views Does it Take to Make Money on YouTube?


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